Pink Confetti
by Paul Roberts

27-31 Jan 2016
The Courtyard Theatre

Oliver Dawe

Anna-Louise Hale

Assistant Designer/Costume & Make up
Maisie Richards-Cottell

Lighting Designer
Nicholas Holdridge

Sound Designer
Helen Skiera
Owen Crouch

Joshua Hill
Rory Murphy
Graham O'Mara
Mathew Wernham


"In a world where political divides gape open, and personal wounds are wider still, loyalty means everything. The question becomes how far are you willing to go?

It's 1973 and in the gloom of a Belfast safe house, tied to a chair, sits a hooded man.  His captors, ‘Redhand” Ennis and ‘Halftank’ McGee, nervously await the interrogator’s arrival by seeking distraction in tea and bickering.  Nearby, a dog lies dead by the side of the road and it’s all Halftank's fault.

What follows will not only test their loyalty to breaking point, but also bring their very humanity into question.

Etch Theatre Company presents Paul Roberts’ thrilling and darkly funny new play that reveals our ability to confuse the personal and the political, with horrifying consequences."

Directed by Oliver Dawe, whose most recent work includes The Dog, The Night and The Knife by Marius Von Mayenburg at the Arcola Theatre, this production of Pink Confetti is the World Premiere

Pink Confetti is Paul Roberts debute play.  Surian Fletcher Jones of channel 4, drama development has called Paul "an extraordinary writer".  

He has been described by BBC Films/Writersroom as "A bold writer with a keen interest in character and taking chances to craft a story that doesn't always play by the rules."